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general industrial pressure switch
differential pressure switch
  • differential pressure switch
    cl13 series

    this switch is mainly used for senses the differential pressure caused by the air conditioning air filter, and for the pressure observation and control in a clean room or a bioclean room.

    setting lock is applied to avoid any error by vibration;
    small size and light weight type.

  • differential pressure switch
    cl21 series

    this switch is mainly used for the liquid level warning in a closed tank and the clogging check in a pipe line strainer.

    differential pressure:0.02~1.5mpa

  • differential pressure switch
    cs31 series

    this switch is mainly developed for air conditioning application, and can be used as pressure switch, differential pressure switch or vacuum switch.

    differential pressure:0.05~35kpa

  • differential pressure switch
    cl70 series

    this switch is of bellows type and used principally for detecting draft pressure in thermal power plants.

    differential pressure:-2~20kpa

  • differential pressure switch
    cl71 series

    this switch is suitable for measuring low differential pressure under extreme high pressure, and for liquid level alarms in sealed tanks, and for checking clogging of pipeline strainers.

    differential pressure:0~1mpa

explosion-protected construction pressure switch
electronic pressure switches
pressure switch for semiconductor industry
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